@mookie optimistic guess: firmware update for the camera hardware.

Paste this into the developer tools javascript console of any website to have the page fill with tacos. Show more

There's been a lot of progress securing internet protocols since the Snowden leaks. Why is BGP still so vulnerable? Route hijacking has been a problem for 2 decades now. There's got to be a better way.


@JPEG great! Thank you.

The second bug is harder to reproduce. I can't get it to happen now. When it's happening, the "Home Local Federated" tabs at the top are shifted upward too far, partially hidden under the next bar above (with the list hamburger and the search icon). When it's like this, I can't read the text or use the tabs.

I have the "Display Zoom" set on my XR, and also have the font sizes jacked up in both iOS and the app, so I expect it may have something to do with this.

Hi @JPEG. I am really enjoying Mast on my iPhone XR. Nice job on the app!

I have a couple of bugs I'd like to report. Let me know if there is a better place to do that.

The first is a crash that is 100% reproducible (for me). Open Mast > โšก tab > Activity. It shows the activity feed for a split-second before crashing.

@mookie neat. What will you do with the extra ports?

I'm currently using the Unifi variant (USG), but have used the ERL's for various projects in the past. I love their gear all around. I'm curious to see what you think of the ER4.

A Facebook recruiter reached out to me about a job opportunity. I responded, politely, that I was morally opposed to Facebook, both the company and its core product. It felt good. He didn't respond further.

Wondered around Portland for a while yesterday just capturing the fall moods.

@renatoram agreed. I think it's more about making sure people have the right expectations, and understand that even DMs aren't really private. Some people understand this intuitively, but I'm not sure all users do.

Also, the distributed nature of Mastodon in some ways changes the privacy risk, because anyone can start up an instance, and so you have thousands of admins with access to the Postgres databases, and all the content therein.

@mudl agreed, but why not design for both? Mastodon could implement end-to-end encryption for DMs for example, and it would add value without compromising anything else on the platform.

I think most Mastodon users are probably not aware of the privacy trade-offs. There may be an unrealistic expectation of privacy where it does not exist. So I try to help broadcast and educate about the limitations.

Bax kitten on meh guitar. ๐Ÿฑ ๐ŸŽธ

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, consisting mostly of cat pictures and animated pixel art.

Mastodon is not a good place to share private data. It's a distributed set of SQL databases. There's no real oversight or accountability. There's not really even an attempt to secure anything. There's no encryption, even for DMs. It's all stored in plaintext in Postgres (and often elsewhere, like Elasticsearch and Amazon S3).

Mastodon is kinda like Twitter, except... imagine 5000 hackers running 5000 instances and all of them have root access and a copy of the database.

This probably isn't going to end well for people who have an expectation of privacy.

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i run my own instance just for me