Hi @JPEG. I am really enjoying Mast on my iPhone XR. Nice job on the app!

I have a couple of bugs I'd like to report. Let me know if there is a better place to do that.

The first is a crash that is 100% reproducible (for me). Open Mast > ⚡ tab > Activity. It shows the activity feed for a split-second before crashing.

@root I'm glad you're enjoying the app! Thank you for the bug report. That activity crash is something I think I've now got fixed for the next version, so shouldn't be long for that! (You can report bugs here or via email through the App Store support link, I don't mind either.)

@JPEG great! Thank you.

The second bug is harder to reproduce. I can't get it to happen now. When it's happening, the "Home Local Federated" tabs at the top are shifted upward too far, partially hidden under the next bar above (with the list hamburger and the search icon). When it's like this, I can't read the text or use the tabs.

I have the "Display Zoom" set on my XR, and also have the font sizes jacked up in both iOS and the app, so I expect it may have something to do with this.

@root Thanks for alerting me about this bug. It's definitely not something I've experienced, and like you said it could be due to the accessibility features that you have got enabled. I'll play around with it in a future time and attempt to get it resolved!

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