Sea lions are funny animals. I spent a lot of time watching them today. They waste a tremendous amount of energy playing king of the hill, barking at each other and fighting over their "territory".

Saw this smol garter snake today near the lighthouse at Heceta Head. I feel like snakes are a rare sight in Oregon.

The crab was goooood. The halibut, prawns and clam chowder were all legit too. Some of the best low-key seafood I've had. πŸ¦€πŸŸπŸ€

Oregon coast vibes. South Beach Market, Newport.

A photo I took at "The Art of the Brick" Lego exhibit at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

If you paste a Bash command into this site, it returns a breakdown and explanation of every argument:

i am root boosted

Just realized I haven’t checked twitter in nearly 20 hours.

Anyone know of any good federation relays?

I am only aware of and, and the second is currently disabled.

And just like that, it's hoodie season in Portland. 🌧️

i run my own instance just for me. i never was good at following rules.